Staff of sales team posesses certificates and licenses, providing law-related advices for accounts.
Offer assistance to accounts in terms of inventory adjustment, making legal tax savings.
Vehicles on duty are connected to EPA via GPS, no risk to environmental protection.
Quick and customized cleaning service, saving more time for accounts.
Members of cleaning crew are professional and amiable, giving accounts peace of mind.
Excellent service quality. All waste is recyclable regarless of the quantity, saving manpower and inventory costs for accounts.
Cross-border ( China, Hong Kong, Taiwan ) import-export service is available.
Making a professional report and cleaning document, assisting accounts in completing reporting operations between Tax Bureau and EPA.
Provide free inquiry in terms of information of percious metals and environmental protection laws and regulations.
Institutionalized management and regular internal training courses, so as to service accounts professionally and quickly.

DET is a class-A cleaning
company with a sound servicing system; we provide a total solution for accounts with respect to the process from cleaning to final disposal.

We have branches among China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, in order to offer single service window and the best advices. We look forward to the greatest economic benefits through the collaboration with accounts.